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Royce Gracie

The greatest martial artist of all time, Royce was the first ever UFC Champion. By strategically beating martial arts experts twice his size Royce revolutionized martial arts for the better and forever with his Gracie Read More

Human Flag

The classic movement that never fails to turn heads. The Human Flag is a phenomenal body strength move that truly demonstrates the power and control of a supremely tuned physique. We have had loads of requests Read More

One Arm Pullup Tutorial

How to conquer the most challenging bodyweight exercise. The One Arm Chin/Pull Up is one of the most impressive strength moves in history. It is a clear demonstration of your body’s superior power-to-weight ratio and Read More

Muscle Up Tutorial

The king of bodyweight exercises. Achieving a Muscle Up is a key goal for all those wanting to master their strength and body control. It’s a truly impressive strength move and stuns people who have only ever Read More

Six-Pack Abs

How to get the ripped stomach you’ve always wanted. Six pack abs are the universal symbol of a fit, healthy and sexy body. Sculpting that chiselled mid-section takes patience and persistence, but with the right Read More