Three super-ingredients to fuel super-results!

Here are three of my absolute favourite ingredients that I include in my meals when I can. Whether your goal is to lose fat, build lean muscle or just get stronger, these super foods have plenty of benefits to help you get there!


The magic of ginger just keeps on giving bigger and better every time! I carry around a bulb of it and have a nibble throughout the day. Use it in all your meals and juices. Great for total circulation, blood flow, joint health, vascular health, digestion, energy, strength and muscle recovery. Use it and prosper!

Leafy greens

Eat mostly this stuff. Stir fry with garlic and ginger; add lemon! Keep eating it. Lots. You will become stronger and more energetic and happier than ever before. And you’ll keep getting better. Forever.

Molasses is powerful ‘goo’ for you!

One of my favourite everyday sources of high-quality potassium, magnesium, calcium & iron, molasses infiltrates, activates and titillates every crucial element in your precious, gorgeous body! Have a spoonful early in the day; in your oats/muesli or straight up, baby!
ginger_benefitsleay greensmolasses
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  1. I like to alternate 1 ounce of chia seeds with pumpkin, sunflower, and sesame seeds sometimes ground up into a veggie smoothie.

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