One Arm Pullup Tutorial

How to conquer the most challenging bodyweight exercise.

The One Arm Chin/Pull Up is one of the most impressive strength moves in history. It is a clear demonstration of your body’s superior power-to-weight ratio and your control over your body’s limits.

We have had thousands of requests for a tutorial from all over the world – as a result we have successfully trained many guys, of all ages and weights to work up to this incredible feat of strength.

Training for a One Arm Pull Up/Chin Up:

  • Before you can do a One Arm Pull Up (OAP), you must be able to do at least 20 regular full-range pull ups or chin ups; it is dangerous to attempt an OAP before you have the fundamental strength to develop the required technique
  • When doing two-arm pull/chin ups, vary the hand grip you use on each set, eg: close grip palms facing you, palms away, wide grip palms in, then out and all variations in between, eg: one palm facing in, the other out – varying your grip weaves your muscles and opitimses upper body strength and tone
  • You will need access to a chinning bar. You can even get a length of steel pipe and put it across two stable surfaces or hang it trapeze-style with rope from a stairway or a tree or whatever
  • Most important of all, LISTEN TO YOUR BODY; if you feel any pain, stop immediately and recover until there is no pain

Performing A One Arm Pull Up/Chin Up:

  • First off, you will need to build your GRIP STRENGTH on each hand; until now your hands have been sharing the load of your body weight, now your hands must be trained to comfortably hold DOUBLE that weight by doing OneArm Chin/Pull Ups
  • Grab on to the pull up bar with one hand and grab your wrist with the other – then PULL UP! When you can do ONE rep, stay up as long as you can (called a ‘lock off’) and then let yourself down as slowly as you can, inch by inch – this is called a ‘negative’
  • As you get stronger, grab your pulling arm lower and lower away from your wrist, increasing the strength required for your pulling arm to raise your body
  • When you get to this stage you are on your way to your first One Arm Pull Up!

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  1. At the age of 27 I could do 5 one arm pull ups, Right arm,Now at the age of 67 I will try and do just one and put it on you tube, my best ever press ups was 300, one go,I just love it and so many things I could do.I live in South Africa and love this game,Thank you,Joseph Hunt.

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