Official Guinness World Record Broken by Marcus Bondi!

It’s OFFICIAL! Marcus Bondi broke the Official Guinness World Record for chin up with 18kg added weight within 60 seconds in the Sunrise 7 National TV studio in Sydney on Wednesday 25th June! Please stay tuned for Marcus’ training and nutrition program leading up to this awesome feat!

Check out the video here

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  1. Love the videos, I been climbing rope arms only for 15 years I pretty much have stayed the same ,gained a little. I have a rope tied at 25 foot and can climb it up and down two times and sometimes two and a half. That’s starting out standing up, I have a rope tied inside a silo at 64 foot and can’t seem to make it the rope wiggles and swayes I get about 10 foot from top. Anyway I was just wondering how often do I need to climb on the rope, how often do pull ups how often work back out ?

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