Shannan Ponton

I’ve met many people in over 48 years on this planet. One guy is remarkable for his incredible positive attitude and profound professionalism. Shannan is a human who gives up everything to truly help others Read More

Alyson Annan

It came as no surprise to me when Alyson was voted Best Female hockey Player in the World in 1999; and even less of a surprise when she led the Australian team to her second Read More

Tim Macartney-Snape

As far as extreme achievers at every possible mortal level are concerned, Tim is at the pinnacle of mental and physical ability. One of the greatest naturalists and adventurers of all time, Tim is the Read More

Gretel Tippett

One of Australia’s greatest netball players, Gretel started out as a basketball champ but demonstrated her creative versatility by switching to dominate Australia’s most popular sport at the highest level. She seems so calm and Read More

George Gregan

The most resilient, successful and influential Captain of the Australian Wallabies Rugby Union team. George always stuns me with his can-do attitude against irrefutably formidable odds and ongoing dedication to health and fitness. I like Read More

Royce Gracie

The greatest martial artist of all time, Royce was the first ever UFC Champion. By strategically beating martial arts experts twice his size Royce revolutionized martial arts for the better and forever with his Gracie Read More