MARCUS BONDI’S No 1 Smoothie Recipe for pre/post workout recovery and muscle tone.

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Hey friends, to ensure optimum physical results from your training regime, it’s crucial to have a regular intake of top quality protein before and after your awesome fitness adventures! I have been guzzling delicious Aussie Bodies’ protein smoothies and shakes for over 10 years; even way before I was an ambassador for this amazing company. It’s a fact that I trained to break all my Official Guinness World Records by drinking a Protein Revival within 5 minutes of one of my crazy-intense full-body power workout sessions! The powerful truth is…. Delicious!

Marcus BONDI’S Super Shred Smoothie

IMG_26264 x large tablespoons of Aussie Bodies Perfect Protein powder
200 mL low fat milk or almond or soy milk
200 mL water/ice
1 x banana
1 x tablespoon chia seeds
Half cup of rolled oats

Feel free to add berries or more/less Perfect Protein powder as you see fit!

Best cheers from your training buddy,
Marcus Bondi

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  1. Hello —

    I’ve been drinking a blender drink every morning for about fifty years. I’ve been working out for sixty years. Once a week I do pullups: 1 set of 20 reps with no weight, 40 lbs for 12 reps, 40 for 12, no weight for 20. Then four sets of one-arm horizontal pullups. Then two or three sets of regular pullups, fifteen pounds for max reps. I’m 71 years old.

    The next day is pushups, dips and presses.

    I workout five days per week.

    Sterling Brown, Atlantic City, NJ

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