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Hello and welcome! I’m Marcus and I aim to help everyday people achieve the body of their dreams with no equipment whatsoever other than their body!

Let me backtrack for a moment. For my entire life I’ve been obsessed with two things: training, and the outdoors. For that reason, for the last 30 years, I’ve dedicated most of my energy to something that combines those two passions: bodyweight training. It goes by many names: bar training, calisthenics and many others. But the philosophy is simple: your body is the only tool you need to build the physique and lifestyle you need! Don’t take my word for it though – the results speak for themselves! Even in the stone ages hunters and cavemen exhibited sculpted, strong physiques in a time when the dumbbell didn’t even exist! These days gymnasts and martial artists have some of the most chiselled and impressive bodies around, yet many of them don’t even know what a bench press is.

I came to this realisation many years ago and set about learning the techniques and methods to sculpt a truly jaw-dropping physique capable of feats that most people can’t fathom. It was a long journey from those early days when I couldn’t even do a pullup. But many years later, it’s safe to say I got pretty good at it. Over the years my team and I have broken a number of official world strength records, including the 25 Metre Rope Climb, Muscle-Ups, Weighted Chin Ups, One-arm Chin Ups and 5 Metre Rope Climb. You can check out some of these feats at my YouTube channel.

If I can do it, anyone can. After setting a few records and building a strong community of bar enthusiasts in my local town of Bondi, Australia, I decided I wanted to help other people unleash the potential of their body using bodyweight training and calisthenics. There’s no excuse not to have the body of your dreams. Why? It’s simple: Gravity gets you ripped, anytime, for free!

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I want you to join me on a journey to unleash your best self. Get the body that turns heads. Do those awesome tricks you always wanted to be able to. All it takes is hard work and the ability to make the first move. You’ve already made that first move by visiting my site. Now its time for the journey to continue.

If you’re serious about building the most awesome, ripped and mobile body you can imagine, check out by total body training program HERE.

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