Human Flag

The classic movement that never fails to turn heads.

The Human Flag is a phenomenal body strength move that truly demonstrates the power and control of a supremely tuned physique. We have had loads of requests from all over the globe for a tutorial on how to achieve The Human Flag – As a result we have successfully trained many guys, of all ages and weights to work up to this incredible feat of strength.

Training for a Human Flag:

  • Before you can do a Human Flag, you must be able to do at least 20 regular full-range pull ups / chin ups and fifty push-ups; it is dangerous to attempt an Human Flag before you have the fundamental strength to develop and capitalise on the required technique.
  • To get your Flag strength up, do pull/chin ups, vary the hand grip you use on each set, eg: close grip palms facing you, palms away, wide grip palms in, then out and all variations in between, eg: one palm facing in, the other out – varying your grip weaves your muscles and opitimses upper body strength and tone.
  • You will need access to a chinning bar so you can train often; it is easy enough to make your own, buy one retail or order online.
  • Most important of all, LISTEN TO YOUR BODY; if you feel any pain, stop immediately and recover until there is no more pain.

Performing The Human Flag

  • First off, you need to identify and work on your grip and ideal position on the pole. Make your stronger arm the ‘top’ grip and turn side o to the pole and grab it in an ‘overhand’ grip. Then place your lower hand on the pole with fingers facing down and wrap your thumb opposing your fingers. Be sure your grip is not too narrow.
  • Then tense your core, exhale the air in your lungs and try to pull your feet off the ground while pushing your hips up towards the centre of the pole. Just getting your feet off the ground is a great start; it may feel intense and awkward, but practice holding this position as long as possible. Start by tucking your knees close to your chest then as you get stronger, slowly practice extending one leg at a time. Your shoulders may feel very sore afterwards. Stretch them.
  • Keep practicing lifting your legs and hips and core higher and higher; then you are on your way to successfully achieving The Human Flag!
  • Most important of all, LISTEN TO YOUR BODY; if you feel any pain, stop immediately and recover until there is no more pain.

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  1. I am getting the flag now – stronger and more control. Thanks

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