Marcus Bondi’s Personal Muscle Building Juice

Here’s one of my favourite juice recipes that I use to perform at my best during training and to give my recovery a real boost. This incredible concoction will give you a phenomenal muscle-pump and provide the boost to grind out those last few important reps. Drink it before and/or after an intense training session for maximum effect.

The Recipe:

  • Beetroot 150g
  • Coconut Water 200mL
  • Banana 50g
  • Aussie Bodies Perfect Protein (vanilla) 20g
  • Raw Organic Acai Powder 5g
  • Magnesium Powder 5g
  • Raw Organic Honey 10g
  • Tribulus Extract 3 drops
  • Ginko Extract – 3 drops

Blend using a juicer or blender, and enjoy!

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