Muscle Up Tutorial

The king of bodyweight exercises.

Achieving a Muscle Up is a key goal for all those wanting to master their strength and body control.

It’s a truly impressive strength move and stuns people who have only ever seen or done ‘regular’ pull ups!

We have trained thousands of guys to successful Muscle Ups! The 2 key techniques are simple and logical; you simply need to follow our muscle up program and you will succeed. Here’s how to get started:


  • First off, you need to develop explosive pull up strength. From now on you must train yourself to explode upfrom dead hang position. No more lazy, slow pull ups to your chin.
  • Place your palms in pronated position (facing away from body) slightly wider than shoulder width. Then PULL! up as high and fast as you can go – NOT to your chin, but aim to get the bar to your chest! While you learn, you can swing your knees up for momentum.
  • Once you can do ten fast, explosive pull ups to your chest, the AIM YOUR BODY HIGHER – aim to explode right up to your lower pecs. Aim for at least TEN good high, fast pull ups – to your lower chest. If you can get to your abs, even better!


  • Once you are comfortable bringing your chest/upper abs to the bar, its time to add in the second phase of the movement.
  • As your torso reaches the bar, begin applying pressure downwards to the bar through your palms
  • Press yourself upwards, while keeping your abs right and legs straight to ensure your momentum is not lost.
  • Press yourself up until your elbows are locked.
  • Lower yourself carefully. Congratulations, that is one muscle-up.

There are two keys to performing a muscle-up: explosiveness in the pullup, and practice. Work on your pullups every day, and focus on adding in extra explosiveness and transitioning into the pressing phase. Watch the video above to get an idea of what it should look like. Keep in mind this video is the world record for consecutive muscle-ups, and was completed by a member of the Marcus Bondi team. Very impresive!

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