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Pull Up Bar (Doorway Mounted)


No time to get to the gym? No problems, no excuses! The doorway mounted pullup bar lets you get a great workout in, any time of day. Simply attach the bar to your door frame and bang out reps in the morning, evening or whenever you get a chance. Whether you’re a newbie to training or a seasoned veteran, pullups are a tried-and-tested way of building upper body size and strength. Add in L-sits, leg raises and static holds to build crazy core strength and stability. The heavy duty, adjustable bar fits any standard door frame and features extra wide foam handles for superior grip and comfort.

Pullups are the undisputed king of upper body exercises. By directly targeting the lats, biceps, shoulders, traps and forearms, the pullup provides a complete upper body movement that is guaranteed to help you build a barn-door back and shirt-popping arms. Let’s be honest – there are few things more impressive than being able to bust out 10 or more strict, bodyweight pullups. Find someone who can do that, and chances are they’ll be showing off a ripped, strong back and arms.

The pullup is the building block of bodyweight exercise and calisthenics. Mastery of the pullup provides the foundation to learn more complex movements such as the muscle-up and human flag. As always, practice makes perfect. Unlike with heavy weight training, the body responds well to a large volume of pullups. Its not rocket science – the best way to get good at pullups is to do pullups, do them well and do them often. As always, gradual progression is crucial. Start off doing as many reps as you can with strict form. Set yourself a target for total reps in a week. The following week, try and beat it. Soon you’ll be busting out dozens of reps, and you’ll have a body that shows it.


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